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Proposed Annual General Meeting is 22 Juy 2020 at 7pm via Zoom video link.
Any member that wishes to join the meeting please let me know and I will send the link.



Date Day AM/PM N/A
05Jun20 Fri

AM Ron Thorogood,Paul Robertson,Norton Mackley,Allan Counsell,Peter Jackson

Garth Griffiths,Kris Tommerson,Cliff Cloverdale,Graeme Doel,John Storm,Evan Price

PM Steven Frazer,Andrew Hunter,Peter Lee,Evan Price,Richard Douchkov

Alistair Heathcote

AM full
06Jun20 Sat

AM Mark Cook,Stephen Marr,Gary Tyler,Mark Brackley,Stewart Brackley,Nick Milton

John Storm,Jason Russ,David Horan,Paul Crowfoot

PM Mark Brackley,Stewart Brackley,Mark Cook,Peter Lee,John Storm

Gary Tyler,Matthew Wolfer

 AM full
07Jun20 Sun

AM Tony Potoczko,Don Tyler,Paul Robertson,Norton Mackley,Peter Jackson

Allan Counsell,Richard Douchkov,John Hale

PM Alf Williams,William Mansell

08Jun20 Mon AM Evan Price,Ray Oehme,John Hale,Robert Zyp  
09Jun20 Tue AM  
10Jun20 Wed AM Tony Potoczko,David Bailey  
11Jun20 Thu AM  
12Jun20 Fri AM  
13Jun20 Sat AM Normal flying should resume. Awaiting confirmation from ANSW.