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 BOOKINGS (Not required at this stage)

Maximum members onsite is now 200

Changing a booking

If you have booked a day and time and wish to change the booking. Resubmit the booking with "AM Remove me" or "PM Remove me" along with the same details as the original booking.

Booking both morning and afternoon

If booking for both the AM and PM session on the same day. Please submit a single request with the AM/PM field set to "AM and PM"

Cutoff for Page update

If your wanting to fly on Saturday, Sunday or Monday and want the booking to show up in the schedule the booking needs to be submitted prior to 5pm on the Friday. The booking monkey is not spending all weekend checking emails and editing the schedule.

Booking ahead

Please limit your bookings to the current week and early into the next week. There is little chance a day will be booked out at this stage due to 20 persons being allowed on the field.

Non Financial Members

Bookings will not be recorded for non financial members. If you havent paid your membership fees yet please use the online form and pay via direct deposit.

Remember if you are non financial you are flying without insurance and only COMSOA members are allowed at the field during COVID19 restrictions.


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