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Working bee

When Monday 26th April in the morning
Activity deposit fill in the centre shelter ready for astro turf and install the astro turf

We need some helpers to shovel, push wheel barrow and 
move the astro turf.

COVID Requirements

  • Close the gate on entry and exit
  • Fill in the book in the club house on arrival so you dont forget
  • Ensure social distancing is maintained
  • COMSOA members are allowed at the field.
  • Non member, by invitation, are allowed at the field.


Covid 19 – current situation from Secretary ANSW

Here at ANSW, we often receive requests for information and guidance from clubs in respect of Covid 19, and we hope the following might be of some assistance.

This represents our current understanding, after several discussions with the Service NSW/Covid Hotline folk. We do know that people have received different interpretations and we would like to emphasise that these are NSW Government regulations, and not rules from Aeromodellers NSW or from MAAA. The NSW situation is also completely different to other states, so what people can or can’t do in QLD or Vic doesn’t influence the NSW approach.

The primary guideline: the maximum number at an outdoor gathering remains 20 and, for us, this includes pilots, visitors, children and babies. Each person counts as 1, regardless of their size. If someone brings guests to a club, they could be taking up numbers that might, otherwise, be used by flying members.

This 20 limit applies to one property title. It doesn’t matter if you have 1000 acres and some people are remaining in their cars in the car park. The limit is still 20 people, in total, on that property title.

Social distancing is still required, ie minimum gap of 1.5m between people, including at the flight line. There are some revised rules coming through in terms of concerts, food venues and the like, but the latest changes don’t affect our aeromodelling venues.

The above points have been confirmed by the Covid Hotline in October 2020. Useful link here:

Registered businesses with Covid-Safe plans in place may be able to secure approval for a larger number, but the Covid Hotline has also confirmed that extraordinary circumstances are required for a typical club to get permission for larger numbers at an outdoor gathering, including fly-ins, competitions and Xmas parties. If you wish to run a larger end of year award ceremony, for example, you could hire a venue that is actually licensed to handle larger numbers, but there are then rules around everyone being seated, etc.

We have been asked about the 500 limit for community sports. We have checked this and the explanation is in the wording – “community sports that involve more than 20 participants”. Flying model aircraft does not involve more than 20 under normal circumstances, and is generally a private club activity, not a community sport held on public sporting facilities. The regulations also refer to “community sporting competitions” which, again, isn’t what a typical day at a flying club entails. That said, there may be one or two clubs in NSW where it may be worth exploring this. It’s a complex process both in terms of planning and submitting paperwork, and then in terms of compliance when the numbers exceed 20, so not one to undertake lightly. Useful link here:

Your club should, already, have a Covid safety plan in place. If not, this link is a good place to start:

In many cases, it is a matter of working within the spirit and intent of the Covid 19 regulations. We get plenty of phone calls from members who have a different interpretation or who think they may have an approach that will allow for larger numbers. We also hear from people who have spoken to the authorities, or have heard from someone who has, and think that the rules are different, so the above information is based on our frequent calls to check. If someone calls us offering credible different information then we’ll enquire, again, so that all members can benefit, but the above is the latest information that we have.

Whilst some of this is limiting and it is frustrating, it is also very much better than it might otherwise be, and even our largest clubs are coping well with the limitations.

Best wishes and happy flying!

Clive Weatherhead

Secretary – Aeromodellers NSW



Jason has picked up the gear from the supplier. He has limited numbers of shirts and broad brimmed hats. Quite a few caps are available.

All of the gear looks fantastic and the shirts and hats are comfortable to wear. If your interested please contact Jason via the Contact form on the Contact US page.

Shirts, caps and hats. 
The shirts are a Charcoal grey or a blue. The hats are wide brim or 

All items have the club logo and name either embroided (Cap and Hat) or as a transfer (Shirts) on them.

TO ORDER send an email with the sizes you require to You can use the link on the Contact US page along with the contact form. Just click on the Secretary email link.

What size shirt to order

Find a comfortable shirt.

Lay it flat and measure across the chest to the side seam on each side.

This is the half chest measurement. 

Use the table below to determine the size you need.

Shirts will be $45,

Hat sizes





Full brim hats $45 and

Caps $25. 


 BOOKINGS (Not required at this stage)

Maximum members onsite is now 200

Changing a booking

If you have booked a day and time and wish to change the booking. Resubmit the booking with "AM Remove me" or "PM Remove me" along with the same details as the original booking.

Booking both morning and afternoon

If booking for both the AM and PM session on the same day. Please submit a single request with the AM/PM field set to "AM and PM"

Cutoff for Page update

If your wanting to fly on Saturday, Sunday or Monday and want the booking to show up in the schedule the booking needs to be submitted prior to 5pm on the Friday. The booking monkey is not spending all weekend checking emails and editing the schedule.

Booking ahead

Please limit your bookings to the current week and early into the next week. There is little chance a day will be booked out at this stage due to 20 persons being allowed on the field.

Non Financial Members

Bookings will not be recorded for non financial members. If you havent paid your membership fees yet please use the online form and pay via direct deposit.

Remember if you are non financial you are flying without insurance and only COMSOA members are allowed at the field during COVID19 restrictions.


 Great to be back Flying

Improvements at the Field

Securing the Field

Council will be finishing off the front fence line by placing more treated logs along the south western boundary line.

Covers Rejuvenation

All covers have been rejuvenated. Some minor finishing touches such as guttering to be completed.

Looking very nice 

New Artificial Grass

New Artificial Grass for the floor of each cover. The club recently purchased enough artificial grass to cover the floor of each cover. This work will be carried out in the coming weeks. It should make a huge improvement to the look and safety for club members.

New toilet

The new toilet and old toilet are now both in service. Side by side on the new slab.

New Signage

A new sign has been erected on the side of the clubhouse directing members and visitors to the website for all club information.
Some of the older signs are being replaced or touched up by the sign writer. New signs are to be placed on the track at the runway thresholds warning walkers of the danger of low flying aircraft.
You should start to notice the new signs going up around the field and at the entrance to the club.
The sign writer has been doing a great job.

Future Improvements 

Some items being considered are listed below.

Please feel free to speak with one of the committee members on the above or any other improvements you would like to see.

Field Maintenance

ComsoaFieldFunFly 2Resize

General field maintenance

It is the responsibility of all club members to ensure the field and its fascilities are kept clean and tidy.

If you see rubbish laying around please pick it up and put it in a bin. Plenty available.

If the bins are full please empty them into one of the wiz bins on the western side of the club house. If these are full please let a committee member know so they can be emptied.

If the club house is untidy maybe bring a broom next time your coming flying and give it a sweep out.

If you have junk at home you no longer want. Think whether anyone else will really want it before bringing it to the club and depositing it in the club house.


Field Under Maintenance

Flying when field maintenance is underway. There should be no flight movements if the field is under maintenance. That is, being mowed. For the safety of everyone, if the strip is not clear of people and equipment, do not fly.


Activity Who to Contact Contact number
Field Mowing Peter Snape 0407 102 203
Toilet Pump out Mark Brackley 0439 030 764
Rubbish Removal - dumped Maitland City Council 02 4934 9700
Rubbish Removal - our bins Committee member  
General Tidy up Everyone  
rc 14nov15 0588 5784

Committee meetings

Monday 12th April 2021, 7pm, at Beresfield Bowling Club


Dave Horan - President
Nick Milton - Vice President
Jason Russ - Secretary
Mark Brackley - Treasurer
Paul Crowfoot 
Peter Snape
Graeme Doel
Richard Douchkov
Matthew Wolfer

Is it a bird, is it a plane...

About once a month the turbines get together at the field and have a days flying.
The day is not limited to jets but we thought it may be of interest for members and visitors to know when this gathering occurs.
 Next Jet day  
Regular 1st Saturday of each month



rc21mar10 0438 101


Member Age Profile    
Age Group Number Percentage
7 to 21 4 5
22 to 40 3 4
41 to 50 14 18
51 to 65 22 29
66 to 79 25 32
80 plus 9 12
 Totals 77 100%



In case of an Emergency at the field 

Dial 000 

Club Address 201 Raymond Terrace Road East Maitland NSW 

Nearest cross road is Metford Road

The club entrance is approx 750m east of the Raymond Terrace Rd Metford Rd roundabout.