So you want to become a model flier.

The best way to get into model flying is to come along to the field and have a chat with some of the members. Most will be more than happy to assist you get started.

Q. How old do I need to be to fly model aircraft?

A. All ages are welcome to come along and have a look and a fly. There is no minimum or maximum age. 

Q. Can I fly from anywhere?

A. For safety and insurance reason all flying should be undertaken at a registered model field.

Q. Do I need to join the club?

A. Eventually yes. However prospective model fliers can have up to four flying visits to the field before being required to join. All non members,  visitors, must be accompanied by a member when at the flight line. 

Q. Is instruction available to new members?

A. Most definitely. The club has a number of certified instructors in the club who can teach you how to safely fly your model aircraft. Most will recommend the use of the buddy system where there are two transmitters a primary (Instructor) and secondary (trainee). This allows the instructor to take over at anytime to ensure many successful and happy flying days.

Q. What do you need?

A. Depending on whether you want to fly electric or Internal Combustion (IC) aircraft

For electric

Aircraft - plenty of good electric trainers available. Members will be happy to give suggestions

Batteries - LIPO with probably 3 or 4 sets of batteries

Transmitter & Receiver with buddy capabilities

For ic

Aircraft - plenty of good ic trainers available. Members will be happy to give suggestions



Transmitter & Receiver with buddy capabilities

Q. What will it cost for me to get started?

A. Depending on your budget and whether you go IC or electric. 

Trainer - $150 - 300

Transmitter - $250 - 350

Receiver - $30 - 120

Batteries - $50 each

Fuel - depends on whether glow or petrol

Q. What types of aircraft does the club fly?

A. Members fly a wide range of aircraft.

  • scale civilian and military,
  • sport,
  • jets,
  • helis,
  • drones,
  • gliders,
  • pylon racers

 Q. Does the club provide trainer aircraft?

A. Unfortunately the club can not provide aircraft and other equipment for use by new or prospective members.

Trainer recommendations


Bixler (Hobbyking)

Durafly SlowPoke (Hobbyking)

Super EZ V4 Rtf (Albury RC)

Seagull Models Boomerang EP (ModelFlight)



Phoenix Boomerang 60 (Albury RC)


Where Can I buy what I need?

Albury RC - Albury based store with great online store

Frontline hobbies (Local Newcastle based store)

Model Flight 

RC Model Aircraft

Hobbyking - online store

There are many other online and local hobby shops which will sell equipment needed to get into flying.