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Improvements at the Field

Drainage works

There has been a lot of work undertaken to ensure the field can drain as well as it can. The large pond to the east has had the drains cleared to ensure it can drain out to the east of the trotting track. 

Additional drains have been added around the field and club house to ensure the ground stays as dry as it can.

Thanks to all those involved.

Securing the Field

Council will be finishing off the front fence line by placing more treated logs along the south western boundary line.

Covers Rejuvenation

All covers have been rejuvenated. Some minor finishing touches such as guttering to be completed.

Looking very nice 

New Artificial Grass

New Artificial Grass for the floor of each cover. The club recently purchased enough artificial grass to cover the floor of each cover. This work will be carried out in the coming weeks. It should make a huge improvement to the look and safety for club members.

New toilet

The new toilet and old toilet are now both in service. Side by side on the new slab.

New Signage

A new sign has been erected on the side of the clubhouse directing members and visitors to the website for all club information.
Some of the older signs are being replaced or touched up by the sign writer. New signs are to be placed on the track at the runway thresholds warning walkers of the danger of low flying aircraft.
You should start to notice the new signs going up around the field and at the entrance to the club.
The sign writer has been doing a great job.

Future Improvements 

Some items being considered are listed below.

Please feel free to speak with one of the committee members on the above or any other improvements you would like to see.