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Welcome to the

City Of Maitland Society of Aeromodellers


Our Flying Field address is 201 Raymond Terrace Road, East Maitland NSW 2323





 2021 - 2022 Membership renewals

All members who have not paid their fees prior to 30th June 2021 CANNOT fly after the 30th June until their 2021-2022 membership has been paid. This is to ensure insurance cover is valid whilst ever members are using the field. 



A great time and some excellent flying in what were some challenging conditions on Saturday. Sunday's weather and conditions were much improved. Keep an eye out for videos and photos from the event to be posted in the next few days. 

Interest in learning to fly. Click the link below.

Getting started in Flying

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COMSOA Stage 1 of 3 - Framework for COVIDSAFE NSW

In line with new Government requirements the COMSOA field is conditionally opened
for flying. 
The conditions are described below:
If the conditions are not met COMSOA will be forced to reclose the field.
Temporary COMSOA operating conditions:
  1.  No more than 200 club members may be onsite at any one time
  2. Non club members are now allowed onsite as long as number stay under the maximum
  3. When onsite all people must observe NSW Government social distancing requirements
  4. The gate can now be left open.
  5. When on the flight line please stand on the distance markers, one pilot per marker only
  6. On arrival and departure, fill in and sign the attendance book at the club house. This is a mandatory Government requirement to enable social tracking in the event of an outbreak. If you are not prepared to do this, do not visit the field
  7. If you feel unwell or have recently been unwell do not visit the field even if you have a booking Other active steps to help reduce the spread of Covid-19
Other active steps to help reduce the spread of Covid-19

1. COMSOA will place reminder signs at the entry gate and in the club area
2. Wash/sanitise your hands regularly (BYO)
3. Do not share equipment, tools, food or drink
4. Please contact the COMSOA President if you have questions
5. Please see

Enjoy your flying and stay Covid safe
COMSOA 4th Nov 2020