Welcome to the City Of Maitland Society of Aeromodellers

Our Flying Field address is 201 Raymond Terrace Road, East Maitland NSW 2323

Please explore our website and don't hesitate to contact us

COMSOA Stage 1 of 3 - Framework for COVIDSAFE NSW

In line with new Government requirements the COMSOA field will be conditionally opened
for flying from Saturday 16th May 2020
The conditions are described below:

I seek your understanding, patience and cooperation in observing these
rules in these difficult times.

If the conditions are not met COMSOA will be forced to reclose the field.
Please be aware that you may receive on the spot fines from the Police
if you are found in breach of Government conditions. The COMSOA
Executive may also receive significant fines. If more than 10 people are
at the field the Police may fine all those present.

Stage 1 Temporary COMSOA operating conditions:

1. No more than 10 club members may be onsite at any one time
2. Non club members are not allowed onsite, excepting for maintenance
(e.g. grass cutting)
3. When onsite all people must observe NSW Government social distancing
4. Because we have over 80 members we have introduced a
booking schedule to ensure no more than 10 members are onsite at any one
time and to give everyone a fair go
5. To register your interest in flying on a particular date please
complete the online Field booking form on the home page of our website
www.comsoa.com or email the COMSOA Secretary secretary@comsoa.com at
least 1 day before you wish to fly, and indicate if you wish to fly in
the morning or afternoon time slot (see below)
You can see what is booked on the bulletin board on the website.
6. It may not be possible for you to fly on a given day if all 10 places
are already taken
7. The Secretary will confirm your booking by email, or advise if
8. I understand that we all want to get back in to the air but I ask you
not to overbook. The booking calendar will be published on the COMSOA
website daily so club members can see and check their bookings and time
slot availability
9. The two flying time slots per day are:
am. 08:00 ~ 12:00 pm. 13:00 ~ dusk
10. If members arrive at the field who have not booked then they should
leave. If they refuse to leave please contact a committee member at the
11. When on the flight line please stand on the distance markers, one
pilot per marker only
12. Members must close the gate behind them when arriving and departing
13. On arrival and departure, fill in and sign the attendance book at
the club house. This is a mandatory Government requirement to enable
social tracking in the event of an outbreak. If you are not prepared to
do this, do not visit the field
14. If you feel unwell or have recently been unwell do not visit the
field even if you have a booking Other active steps to help reduce the
spread of Covid-19

Other active steps to help reduce the spread of Covid-19

1. COMSOA will place reminder signs at the entry gate and in the club area
2. Wash/sanitise your hands regularly (BYO)
3. Do not share equipment, tools, food or drink
4. Please contact the COMSOA President if you have questions
5. Please see https://www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19

    Enjoy your flying and stay Covid safe
Anthony Potoczko President, COMSOA 14th May 2020