COMSOA Fees for the Year 2018 - 2019

Senior Pensioner Junior
Full Year      
$275 $250 $120
Associate $140 $120 $80
Please Note 1/2 Year fees  are not applicable until after 31st. Dec 2018      
Half Year - for new members joining after 31 Dec 2018
With Affiliation $145 $135 $70
Associate $70 $60 $40
Please note 1/2 Year membership of MAAA/ANSW is only available if you have not been a member of a MAAA  affiliated club in the previous membership year.      

Associate membership is available to persons affiliated through another club. Proof of affiliation is required. A copy of receipt or MAAA card from home club is required.

 Payment methods

Direct Deposit    Preferred method  Bank CBA  BSB 06 2808  a/c 00800878

Mailing   Cheque/Money order 

Cash      If doing it this way please tender the correct money no change will be given given .This is the least desirable method of payment   

Please use direct deposit either on line or at  the Bank if possible.   

Renew Membership Online
Membership renewals can now be completed online, including being able to attach evidence for associate members. The online membership renewal form is now available here

Membership Application Form  

The membership form is available for download, see attachments below. 

The return address is:  COMSOA Secretary, Greg Higginbottom  PO Box 655, Raymond Terrace 2324  

Form is in PDF format. If you have difficulty opening this form, a free PDF viewer can be downloaded here: Adobe Reader Download.

Download this file (COMSOA MEMBERSHIP FORM.2.2.pdf)Membership Form 2019-20[COMSOA MEMBERSHIP JOINING FORM]31 kB