Your receipt is all that is required to be able to fly once you have paid your membership.

A receipt WILL NOT be issued without a membership renewal form having been submitted. Membership renewals for the 2024-2025 year will open on the 17th June 2024.

COMSOA Fees for the Year 2024 - 2025    
AFFILIATION Through COMSOA  (std COMSOA Member) Senior  Pensioner   Junior
Full year  - Renewals and new members $290 $270 $100
Half Year ( 31 Dec onward )
$155 $135 $60

Please Note 1/2 Year fees  are not applicable until after 31st. Dec 2021

Half year - for new members joining after 31 Dec 2021

ASSOCIATE (Affiliation through a club other than COMSOA) Senior  Pensioner Junior
Full year $155 $135 $50
Half Year ( 31 Dec onward ) $85 $70 $25

Please Note 1/2 Year fees  are not applicable until after 31st. Dec 2024

Half year - for new members only joining after 31 Dec 2024


Associate membership is available to persons affiliated through another club.
Proof of affiliation is required.
A copy of receipt or MAAA card from home club is required.

(Associate membership will not be processed without proof of affiliation)

With Associate Affiliation
Please note Half year membership of MAAA/ANSW is only available if you have not been a 
member of a MAAA affiliated club in the previous membership year.

Payment methods

Direct Deposit    - Newcastle Permanent BSB 650-000  a/c 550893309

Please use direct deposit either on line or at your Bank   

Renew Membership Online
Membership renewals can now be completed online, including being able to attach evidence for associate members.
The online membership renewal form is now available here.

NOTE: All members who have not paid their fees prior to 30th June 2024 cannot fly after the 30th June until their 2024-2025 membership has been paid. This is to ensure insurance cover is valid whilst ever members are using the field. 


 Renewal steps

1. Pay your membership fees via Direct deposit or in person at a commonwealth bank branch.

2. Complete and submit the online renewal form.

3. Wait for your receipt to arrive. If it has not arrived within a week of submitting your renewal form please contact the treasurer.

4. Put the COMSOA receipt in your wallet as proof of payment.