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Field Location

The COMSOA flying field is located at

201 Raymond Terrace Road Metford,

between Thornton and East Maitland.

 COMSOA Location map


Come fly with COMSOA

11jan09 0573 27


 Field Overview

As the club has close neighbours, all around the field now, it is extremely important that all flying be carried out within the boundaries of the field. The field boundary is effectively the outer rail of the old trotting track.

The red outlined area represents the outer limits pilots should be staying within. This ensures that all neighbours are not inconvenienced by the club.

If you have any questions relating to the boundaries please speak with one of the committee members. 

 All flying should be within the boundary as outlined

 Parking at the field

 Green areas - general car parking for model fliers and visitors.

 Black area - for larger vehicles including caravans.