Comsoa New Member Application Form 2019/20

Hereby apply to become a member of the City of Maitland Society of Aero Modellers Inc. and in the event of my admission as a member, I agree to be bound by the rules of the association being in force at the time of admission.

Prospective Member:
If fees are not included with the application the Applicant becomes a Prospective Member with full MAAA insurance cover for 1 month. If the prospective member wishes to become a full member the applicable fee must be paid within 1 month of the application date. An applicant can only be a prospective member once in any membership year. Prospective membership is only available to an applicant for full club membership.

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Direct Deposit Details

For current fees refer to the "Membership and Fees" page on the website.

Club Bank Details - "City of Maitland Society of Aeromodellers Inc"
BSB: 062808
A/C: 00800878